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Jordanne RENNER


These works are a mini-sub series of the SELF that I am constantly tangled with. I am a portrait artist curious about the notion and nature of the Self. Using the camera I establish a visual recognition of the inner battle of the Super Female vs the Super Woman roles we are taught/given, alongside the pressures from society and family. This ongoing series of self-portraits directly explore what I am feeling, what stereotypes and labels have been placed on me (both by my own demise and those around me), impressive and depressing norms, hyper-sexualization of innocent things (the Lolita complex), the ideas of what women are and should be at each age.

As a recently married, childless woman approaching forty, nearly every day I am now confronted with new societal norms for women of my age that are things I've never needed to accomplish (marriage, ‘settling down’, children…). Phrases like "you're not getting younger" as well as conversations about my uterus being geriatric, the pressure that time is running out and I "better hurry", etc. are far too familiar and regular.

The diptychs and triptych are small b/w images within these b/w concepts, surrounded by a large white mat (void) to explore and illuminate the disclosure of insecurity in the Self at this age. While some images might display the sexual vibrance that still exists, they are partnered with images illustrating the change within my body that has become difficult to love and

glorify like the body of my 30’s and 20’s.

Self: series I want to be a super model

JordanneRenner is a portrait artist that works across many platforms including large format film

photography, figurative sculpture, mural paintings, public art & installation. She considers photography as an extension of her Self, a subject she has been investigating since 2000. Other topics of investigation are for her are the culture of place, the body and landscape, and the psychology of memory.

She is a wild woman with a BFA (RISD) and an MFA (OSU). Jordanne believes in giving back to the community, and is regularly involved with initiatives dismantling food deserts, supporting social justice, education, and arts outreach. Jordanne is a recipient of the Edward Austin Abbey Mural Fellowship (2010), Puffin Arts Foundation grant (2015), FotoFocus Biennial curatorial exhibition grant for WE, the Women's Caucus Exhibition (2020), FotoFocus Biennial solo exhibition grant (2020), Greater Columbus Arts Council BIG IDEAS grant (2020). Since 2008 she has been professing the photographic arts as adjunct faculty, too.


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