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These five images are part of a series that opens up the cabinets, unboxes, and dusts off the things my Mother has given me throughout the years. Born out of the frustration with dwindling home space filled with items I didn't use, these everyday items morphed from something mostly forgotten in storage and taking up space, to an appreciation for the meaning of inheritance and legacy with which the items were given. My Mother was rarely ever physically in my life or involved with my upbringing, but she to this day sends me boxes of items as her way of taking care of me. This was a cathartic process of documenting how the items are being stored, to then making them my own by way of freeform pattern creation, which took anywhere from one hour to eight hours each to intricately make and photograph. Each image was photographed on 4x5 Kodak Ektar color film, sometimes from 20 feet off the ground.

RemiJin Camping is a Filipina-American photographic artist based in South Florida. She holds a Bachelor’s with a concentration in Photography and is currently pursuing her Master of Fine Arts in Photography at Barry University in Miami Shores, Florida. She anticipates graduating in the Fall of 2021.


RemiJin’s artwork thoughtfully deals with the awareness of the limited existence humans have and how cherished pieces of humanity, their possessions, feelings, stories, structures, and mother nature continue to persist long after it was experienced by someone in their lifetime.


When she is not exhibiting her artwork, RemiJin is the Fine Arts Technician at Barry University where she oversees the photography labs and equipment, as well assisting with the hanging of gallery exhibitions. 

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