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Searching For Life: regrowth & display
open to the public
Monday through Friday
9AM to 4PM

Xavier University Art Gallery
1658 Musketeer Drive
A. B. Cohen Center
Cincinnati, OH 45207

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a loop of all videos showing in Searching for Life: regrowth & display at Xavier University Art Galleries, 2022

WE, the Exhibit 2022 installment for FotoFocus Biennial, World Record

Searching for Life: regrowth & display

It’s time for some new narratives without smoothing out our differences and homogenizing an individual’s experience.


The Society for Photographic Education’s Women’s Caucus perpetually reinvents the definition of the presumptive “photographic document” and recalls the many interpersonal relationships within their female identifying role, identities, and responsibilities. This ongoing photographic and cinematic experience creates and examines the personal, and transcends reflections of dedications to the recollection of the female human existence. WE, the Women’s Caucus have a collective story to share— a story about bringing life to our struggles, repairing damaged connections, and finding strength in solidarity and isolation. 


The 2022 installment of WE, the Women’s Caucus Exhibition responds to the Foto Focus 2022 World Record Biennial through an international juried call to women working with light and photography to process and reveal the adversities in life they have experienced. This dialog of re-growth and display through our shared search is not limited to current works, it is a diverse collection of global, timeless submissions that penetrate the life of each artist selected. Together the works invited by juror Deborah Bright and curated by Jordanne Renner prove to dismantle and expose a cyclical gaze. Historically the photograph is dominated by the male gaze, in this exhibition WC members break through these barriers in photography giving opportunity for the female gaze to stare back at the male dominated world and all of its viewers.